How to Pay Zuku Via M-Pesa

How to pay Zuku via MPesa

Getting your Zuku account credited with funds is easy, you just have to follow a few simple steps. These steps will make sure that you get paid for your Zuku service as quickly as possible.

Payment options

Using M-Pesa to make a payment with Zuku is convenient and fast. It takes less than an hour to have the payment reflect on your Zuku account. If you are paying for satellite TV, the Zuku Paybill number is 220220.

There are different ways to make a payment with Zuku, depending on which service you are paying for. You can make payments with M-Pesa, through an ATM or through a financial platform agent. You can also make a payment through your bank branch.

Bill payment

Using M-Pesa for Zuku bill payment is fast and convenient. You can choose from a variety of payment methods, including online, mobile, and at an M-Pesa ATM.

To make a payment, you will need to know your Zuku account number. You can find this number on your Zuku invoice. You can also call Zuku customer care to find out this number.

To pay Zuku through M-Pesa, you will need to enter your Zuku account number and PIN. Then you will need to enter the amount you want to pay. Then you will receive a confirmation message.

Airtime top up

Buying Zuku Airtime top up via M-Pesa is easy. You can purchase airtime bundles through a number of different payment methods, such as bank accounts and short codes.

You can pay for your Zuku TV or fiber phone airtime through M-Pesa by entering your Zuku pay bill number and amount. You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-Pesa, which will arrive within two hours.

You can pay for your Zuku Fiber phone airtime through a number of methods, including direct debit and credit/debit card. You can also pay through a number of M-Pesa mobile banking apps.

Satellite TV service

Using Zuku Satellite TV service, you will be able to watch a wide range of digital entertainment content. The service offers high-speed internet and phone connection to millions of Kenyan households.

The service provider offers affordable rates and a range of packages. Zuku TV subscribers can reload their accounts through mobile payment options. The service provider also offers a free modem.

The payment process is easy. You can either pay through M-Pesa or through your bank. The payment will be reflected in the account within a few hours.

Fiber internet service

Currently, Zuku Fiber internet service is one of the largest home internet providers in Kenya. It serves millions of households across the country. The service covers areas such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kileleshwa, Buruburu, and Avenue Park. The service also provides phone services, satellite TV, and broadband.

Zuku is part of the Wananchi Group. It provides high-quality home entertainment and internet service to millions of Kenyan households. Its satellite TV and fiber internet services have also been launched in Tanzania and Uganda. It offers Triple Play packages. These packages include satellite TV service, internet service, and a free modem.