How to Pay HELB Loan

How to pay HELB loan

Those of you who have a HELB loan, are wondering how to pay it. In this article, we have talked about the various ways you can use to make your payments. These ways include the SMS code, Mpesa, Bank transfer, and the interest rate.

Interest rate

HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) is a loan agency that offers loans to students studying at accredited universities and TVET institutions in Kenya. The interest rate for HELB loan is 4% per annum. The loan is offered to students of all grades and levels. The loan can be applied for in person or online. The higher the educational level, the higher the interest rate. HELB also offers a number of other loan repayment options.

The interest rate for HELB loan may vary from time to time depending on market conditions. A higher rate is also offered for continuing students who seek higher degrees.


HELB is a state owned corporation that provides loans to students who are in need of assistance to pursue their education. It provides loans to undergraduate students, post-graduate students, and also to salaried students. The loan is available to both local citizens and those living abroad.

HELB provides affordable loans and also provides scholarships to students. The loans are available to students who need assistance with tuition fees and other necessities. There are five repayment methods for HELB loans. These include bankers cheque, direct bank deposit, cash deposit to HELB collection, bankers draft, and Mpesa.

Bank transfer

HELB offers a number of ways to pay your loan. Among them is the Mpesa smart mobile payment solution which is fast and secure. Aside from being convenient, it also promotes responsible spending. The Safaricom HELB partnership also allows students to access their loans. HELB loan repayments need to be started as soon as possible. This is because, if a borrower defaults on the loan, they are penalized in the form of an interest rate of 4% per year.

To get started, the HELB provides an online loan repayment platform. After logging in, you need to click on the Online Payment menu. From there, you need to enter your details in the form. This may include your National ID number as your account reference.

SMS code

Using SMS code to pay HELB loan is easy and convenient. You don’t need to download an app, use your computer or internet. You can also check HELB loan balance from a mobile phone. You just need a working mobile phone and airtime.

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is a state corporation that operates under the Ministry of Education. It provides loans to needy students. They are supposed to repay them when they find jobs. If they default on their loan, it will negatively impact their credit score. Therefore, it is important that you pay off your HELB loan.