How to Check Storo Bonus Balance

How to check Storo Bonus balance

Whether you want to check your Storo Bonus balance or you want to use your Storo data on your phone, you’ll need to be able to find out how to do this. You’ll also need to know how to redeem your airtime on Storo and what time bands you can use with your Storo Bonus.

Unsubscribe from Storo

Whether you are a Safaricom subscriber or not, you might have noticed the Storo bonus-worthy mobile phone airtime notification. This is an example of the small screen versus the big screen. The Storo bonus-worthy mobile phone airtime notification has been around for a while. It is a nice touch and a reminder of the good old days. You can opt out of it by dialing *460#. If you are wondering how much you should be paying for your Storo bonus-worthy mobile phone airtime, you might want to check your bill.

While you are at it, you may want to check your credit card bill. You may be surprised to find out that the Storo bonus-worthy mobile phone airtime notification has been on your bill for some time.

Redeem your airtime for valid data bundles

Those subscribers who have activated Storo Bonus are advised to know how to redeem their airtime for valid data bundles on Storo Bonus balance. They can do so by dialing a USSD code from their mobile phones. These USSD codes can be found by going to your phone’s “dialer” application and clicking the icon of a mouth and earpiece. The application will display a pop-up message. Alternatively, you can check your Storo balance by dialing *460# from your mobile phone’s dialer.

Storo is a loyalty program offered by Safaricom PLC. It offers double airtime for every target that is hit. It also offers 200MB of free YouTube data when each target is hit. This promotion is open to prepaid customers of Safaricom. It runs from 6th August to 20th October.

Time bands available with Storo Bonus

Whether you are an existing customer or just a potential subscriber, you may have been wondering how the Storo Bonus works and how it works out for you. The Storo Bonus is a reward program for customers with a Tunukiwa plan. The storo Bonus is designed to give customers extra airtime when they reach certain targets.

The Storo Bonus is also designed to encourage customers to spend more airtime. You can buy data bundles with your bonus airtime. In the meantime, you can use your airtime to make calls and send SMS.

Limitations of Storo Bonus data bundles

Previously, Safaricom offered a Storo Bonus promotion that awarded customers a 100 percent airtime bonus when they reached their daily spend target. However, the promotion has been revamped and now includes 200MB free YouTube data when each daily target is reached. The promotion runs from 6th August to 20th October.

The Storo Bonus program was launched in 2015 as a loyalty program. Its main feature is that it encourages users to spend more. The target for each day is based on the average amount spent on the network. Users can achieve their target by making calls, buying data or sending SMS.