How to Apply For KRA Pin

How to apply for KRA pin

Whether you’re new to Kenya or are planning to visit, you’ll want to make sure you understand how to apply for a KRA pin. The KRA PIN will help you to pay your taxes. It is available to all Kenyans and requires you to provide your social security number.

Application process

Getting your hands on a KRA pin is an important step in your quest to start or continue a business. The PIN is a crucial document that will allow you to file your tax returns, open a bank account and qualify for certain transactions.

The KRA has introduced a new regulation requiring taxpayers to use a tax agent to file their tax returns. This is in line with KRA’s mission to ensure that taxpayers are liable for all taxes owed to the taxman.

The KRA has also introduced a new online system allowing taxpayers to file their tax returns with a click of a button. The system is linked to the nation’s ID database.


Getting your KRA pin number is important if you want to open a bank account or make any transaction with government agencies. The KRA also registers companies and business names. It is mandatory for all registered businesses in Kenya to have a KRA PIN.

There are different categories of KRA pins that can be applied for. Individuals and companies are the two main categories. Both types of PINs are issued to residents and non-residents of Kenya.

The application process for KRA pins can be done on-line via the iTax portal. The process is easy and it can be done from the comfort of your home. You will be required to enter your personal information, details of your company or organization, tax compliance certificate, commencement date, and tax obligation details. You will also be required to upload supporting documents.


iTax is an online portal which has replaced the KRA Online system. It has a host of features which are designed to improve fiscal management and tax collection. It is easy to use. The KRA iTax return form can be downloaded from the system or filled online.

To use the iTax system, you need to register. This process is fairly easy and requires a minimum of five minutes. After successful registration, you will receive an email with a PIN certificate. This certificate will contain your iTax account password.

The iTax system also enables you to monitor your tax transactions. This is a useful feature. It will notify you if your information has changed.

Refugees in Kenya

Applicants for a KRA pin for refugees in Kenya need to meet the criteria laid down by the Kenyan government. The KRA pin for refugees in Kenya is a legal document that is essential in the process of citizenship.

The KRA Pin is an identification number that is issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority. It is a key to doing business in Kenya and to open a bank account. It is also used for filing tax returns.

The Kenya Revenue Authority is responsible for calculating all government revenues. It also determines the eligibility for tax exemptions. The authority issues a KRA PIN to every adult in Kenya. Obtaining a KRA PIN is a fast and easy process.